WP1 Development of a new program in Advanced Data Analytics in Business

 – Ref. no. 1.1.1 - Analysis of existing business analytics-related master study programs in Serbia (64 downloads)

 – Ref. no. 1.1.2 - Analysis of best practice at EU partner universities (68 downloads)

WP2 Preparations for implementation of new master and LLL programs


WP3 Implementation of the program


WP4 Dissemination and exploitation of project results

–  Ref. no. 4.1 - Dissemination and Sustainability Plan (61 downloads)

Ref. no. 4.2 - Visual identity of the project (20 downloads)

Ref. no. 4.3 - Project website (22 downloads)

WP5 Quality control and monitoring


WP6 Project Management