The dissemination of project activities and results is highly rated in the project because we wish to attract international students, especially from the region. The project will use various communication and dissemination tools such as workshops, conferences, comprehensive and attractive printed and video materials, TV and radio appearances, regular press releases, newsletters, website, dissemination through media, social networks, etc.
A series of lectures for students at bachelor studies will be organized before the start of the new master program. One-day seminars for presentation of LLL program to professionals will be organized at 4 centres in Serbia. Special role in dissemination belongs to Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), Union of Employers and INFOSTUD because of their wide network of managers and companies in Serbia, and its regional partners in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and European Management Association.
Stakeholders will have available promotional and innovative instructive materials online and in schools. A comprehensive and attractive brochure in portable format, with project logo and description, will be produced during the first quarter of the project. By collecting all press releases, articles, etc. the project management will be able to continuously analyse how well the project is being communicated.
Project will maintain its web page, so that all beneficiaries can always be informed about up-to-date activities and project results. ADA website will be maintained for at least five years after the end of the project and the information on the website will be available in English and most of the languages in the region. The website will be updated on a regular basis and it will contain project mission, description and all project deliverables and results. Master study program ADA with all its elements (curriculum, teaching staff, student information etc.) will have its own web page. The website analytics will be regularly used in order to improve its visibility, accessibility and usability. The website will also contain private part, which can only be accessed by the partners, where all internal project information and documents will be published and shared.
A special attention will be paid to dissemination and cooperation with countries in the region. Although they do not directly participate in the project, we will share experience with them by promoting ADA master program at scientific conferences in the region and through events of SAM and its regional partners. We will benefit from significant experience in the event management of SAM.
We plan to advertise the results of this project through several short TV interviews and documentaries. Television of Vojvodina has a national coverage and a couple of suitable time slots dedicated to the activities at UNS. We will use these slots to promote and disseminate the results of this project.
Finally the most important project results and outcomes will be communicated to all stakeholders on the press conferences on the final conference of the project and through comprehensive final publication.