The objectives of the project are:

• Capacity building for business analytics studies in Serbia by improving corresponding skills of experts in business analytics.
• To develop and implement master curriculum in advanced data analytics for business in line with existing European study programs and according to Bologna requirements. The new program will be verified through the accreditation process.
• To organize lifelong learning program in business analytics for professionals in different fields.

Our plan is to introduce a master program in business analytics which will be compatible with significant number of existing bachelor programs in business and economy in Serbia and entire region of Western Balkans. Important side effect of this project will be changes in some courses in bachelor, master and PhD level. This will be done through cooperation of staff from different faculties at all the relevant universities in Serbia.

The aim will be to train students intensively in both theoretical and practical aspects of business analytics, to bring them in contact with basic concepts and methods and to create a problem-solving attitude with the aid of wide range of analytics tools, from spreadsheets with statistical functions to complex data mining and predictive modelling applications. This interdisciplinary approach will be possible because the planned lecturers will originate from many different departments and faculties.

The Master’s objective is to train young graduate talented students in business analytics tools: data visualization tools, business intelligence reporting software, self-service analytics platforms, statistical analysis tools, and big data platforms. The program will provide necessary computer science, statistical and business skills that are necessary to become competent business analyst. The program will be internationally oriented, entirely in English, and teaching staff will be not only professors from Serbian universities, but also from EU universities, which is currently very rare case in Serbian higher education.

The program will last three semesters (18 months), with two distinct periods. For the first 12 months, the participants will attend courses (approximately 10 courses) at the Serbian universities where they will acquire the necessary theoretical and methodological training, both with practical training in companies. In the following 6 months, the participants are required to produce a written final work (Master thesis), which corresponds to 8 ECTS credits.

Education in advanced business analytics will not be limited only to master students. LLL program will also be organized at all Serbian universities participating in the project for professionals already working in different areas of economy. Professionals from Serbian companies, public sector, and science will also participate at LLL seminars. Choice of suitable topics will be done during the consortium meetings where also representatives from different stakeholders will be present and which will share their opinion on suitable topics for LLL seminars.