University of Niš

The University of Niš was founded in 1965 as a state HE institution. At present, the University comprises 13 faculties. The University of Niš currently has 28207 students at all levels of studies, 1639 teaching staff and 740 administrative and support staff. Within the EM ECW program, the University of Niš entered the exchange of students and teaching staff in 2008 as a partner in the Project BASILEUS. In 2011 University of Niš became a consortium member of the Project EM2STEM. University of Niš also became partner of other Erasmus Mundus programmes, such as SIGMA, ERAWEB, EUROWEB. Currently, the University is involved in the following programs: ERASMUS+, SIGMA Agile, EUROWEB+, ERAWEB and GREEN-TECH.

One of the leading principles of the University of Niš is to become part of the European higher education area and to adjust its plans and programs against this aim, in the context of the reform of higher education system within the EU Projects and other programs. In spite of the results that UNI has so far achieved regarding international projects implementation, further enhancement of research capacities and services still remains a task of utmost importance for giving proper support to researchers in their work and establishing a firm position in the European research area. UNI recognizes the need for creation of adequate institutional framework, as well as for appropriate trainings at European partner universities aimed at improving skills of both researchers and administrative staff, as an indispensable means toward creating a research friendly environment for its researchers.