Serbian Association of Managers

The Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) is a business association established in 2007 in Belgrade, which focuses on professional development of managers and the advancement of managerial profession; on providing platform for promoting business networking and cooperation; on intensifying the regional cooperation and on communication with the Government of Serbia and its institutions.  In its efforts and through its activities, SAM strives to strengthen the capacity of managers, to improve the overall business environment in Serbia and to support faster economic development. Statutory, SAM is a voluntary, nongovernmental, non-profit association, founded with the purpose of achieving the objectives in professional development and networking of managers, improving dialogue with economic policy makers and international cooperation, in accordance with the law.  SAM is a professional association of managers which continuously enhances the profession of managers, building it on the values of economic security, friendship, continuous transformation and responsible leadership. The Association has had an active role in the Serbian economy for the past ten years, proudly boasting its emphasis on the individual, a professional manager, with motto “Strong mangers – strong companies – strong economy”. SAM today gathers over 400 influential professional managers who run companies that operate in Serbia, employ over 90,000 people and have annual turnover amounting 12 billion EURO.  Thus, the SAM is association which plays a significant role in professional lives of managers in Serbia. Bodies of the Associations are: Assembly of all members, Managing Board, President of the Board, Supervisory Board, Ethics commission and skilled and experienced Executive Office. SAM has 7 professional staff members (Executive Director, Business Development Manager, Operations Manager, PR Manager, Office Manager, Marketing Associate and Administrative assistant); in addition, SAM Managing Board comprise of 25 experienced CEOs and Business Leaders dedicated to SAM development. 400 members, who manage companies and huge teams in different sectors, represent a vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise.  SAM has extensive experience in implementing projects as a grantee of USAID and CIPE.